CM Tailors Houston West U

Men’s Tailoring West University

Men’s fashion is based on being confident with what you are wearing. Our work on men’s wear is like no other from suits, shirts, vest and so on. Tailoring and alterations on men’s wear is one of our many specialties along with express service and making you look your best is a task we are more than experienced in. Re-cuts, restyle, and update a suit or any clothing is our expertise. Also now providing same day service. Below are SOME of the services we have to offer.

Our rush service applies to many of our services


  • Shorten/Lengthen sleeves
  • Make/keep working button holes
  • Sides in/out
  • Take in chest
  • Shorten length
  • Shorten shoulders
  • Taper sleeves
  • Replace lining
  • Re-cuts
  • Shorten/lower collarEtc.


  • Hem (plain/cuff)
  • Waist in/out
  • Sides in/out
  • Taper legs
  • Shorten crotch
  • Seat/legs in
  • Remove pleats
  • Re-cuts
  • Lower waistEtc.


  • Sides in
  • Shorten sleeves
  • Taper arms
  • horten shoulders
  • dd button down
  • Shorten length
  • Replace collar/cuff


  • Sides in
  • Shorten length
  • Lift shoulders